Training June 24th

Took Monday off from training after helping coach at the CFKB Course over the weekend but wanted to squeeze in part of monday’s training in today

Joint Prep

3 Rounds
3 strict pullups
30 Second Front Foot elevated Samson Stretch (30R/30L)
30 Second Table Top Stretch (30R/30L)


3×10 Front Squat @ 87.5%
*That put my weight at 190lbs, was really really happy with this, I don’t know if I’ve ever 5 repped 190 and I was hesitant when I did my math, but I spend a lot of time this morning telling myself that I could 3×10 190 and what do ya know.. I did it 🙂

Athletic Development/WOD

5 Rounds
2 Muscles ups
5 Jerk Balances @35lbs

*Rest 1 minute between rounds
Felt really good on this, finally feel like I’m hitting a good rhythm with my muscle ups


Thistle Stairs
3 Rounds
1 set of stairs
10 Shoot Throughs

After the 3 rounds I did
4 Rounds
5 pushups on parallettes
5 dips
while i waited for zach to do his 4 rounds of stairs


Training June 18th

Joint Prep

Jump Progression


6×1 Power Clean

Warmed up did 2 reps at 165, was bugging my stupid rib and my elbows were slow so dropped it to 155, did 2 more and called it… really frustrated me

Box Squats

80% 4×7

*Base Box Squat Max off your True 1rm but drop to 90% if form is compromised
*After each set of Squats perform 10 x BACK Racked BARBELL Walking lunges 5R/5L

Box squats done at 225, kept the lunges light at 85 lbs, box squats were rough but that’s the heaviest i’ve gone for that many reps so i was happy

3 x Monster Set

30 Foot Hand Stand Walk
10 x Heavy Renegade Row (5R/5L)
12 x DB Bulgarian Split Squats (6R/6L)
10 x Double KB Rack Situps

*All 3 Monsters Sets are to be done straight through continuously while not for time move with a purpose

Handstands took forever, need to keep doing these since it seems i lost it pretty quickly, but i know they’ll “come back” quick, used 45s for the rows, 35s for the split squats and sit-ups

Athletic Development

knocked this out at the end of 630 class so it was a couple of hours after the previous work

5 rounds

20 seconds of beat swings
3 HSPU negatives to kipping hspu
5 mu ground transitions
3 close grip overhead squats (45lb bar)

*Rest 1 minute between rounds

Training June 17th

Part 1


Did 3 rounds of the Thistle Stairs, did 15 Abmat Situps after each set and then capped it off with 55 more to make it 100… yup I clearly need to work on stairs… pistols and front squats were a bad idea the day before 😉 didn’t realize I sucked so bad at high volume stairs… will be adding these in more often since i sucked so bad

Part 2

Joint Prep

Shoulder Mobility


Long Cycle Sprint Set
10 Rds (5R/5L)
1 Minute Work
1 Minute Rest
20 KG Bell, Goal of 18RPM

*Wasn’t able to do 18rpms without riding my clean into my jerk, was able to do 17s for 2 each side, then 16s, then the last one was 15rpms each side i believe, felt much better today on this set, just wasn’t able to hit that speed with proper reps, but still felt much better about my kettling finally

Training June 16th

Joint Prep

3 Rounds

6 x WindMills (3R/3L)
3 x Russian Swing
1 x Deck Squat


5 Sets of the Following complex
1 x Snatch, 3 x Snatch Grip Push Press, 1 x OHS

*Increase loads each effort rest 90 seconds between efforts

went 125-130-135-140-145(f)- so Z had me drop back down to hit 125 to finish on a good note. these felt pretty good, feeling like i’m getting my rhythm back on my olympic lifts

Front Squats

75% 3×9

did these at 160, all done, probably should have moved reps consistently faster


OffSet Weight Pistol Squats 5×10 per leg (Heavier then Last week)
*Rest 60 seconds between rounds
Used the 20lb kb, same as last week, just focused on a lot better form than last week, felt much better overall this time around

T2B with a Negative Return 4×10
*Rest 30 seconds between rounds
not quite sure if you could really count my return as a negative return

3×10 Barbell Good Mornings (keep these lighter)

*Rest 60 Seconds Between efforts
did these at 85lbs


Press 5 x 1

*Immediately After each Set of Press perform the following Double KettleBell Complex

5 x Double KettleBell Clean
2 x Double KettleBell Snatch
4 x Double KettleBell See-Saw Press
*Rest 60 Seconds Between sets

used 85 for my press (i will get my press heavier one day, i will) and 35s for my kb complex, i love see-saw presses!!! double snatches felt weird, just haven’t done them in a long time but was fun to do them again. presses felt good, felt like i was able to move the bar with good speed, this is only 5 lbs under my arm (i know not very impressive) but i feel like fresh i could finally pr on my press, hoping by this time next year i’ll be able to press at least 120lbs, that has nothing to do with today’s training session, just writing it down so its out there


Pushup Ladder
Pushups are a big weakness of mine, snuck 1-7 in before the 5:30 class and then the 8, 9, 10 in during when there were breaks in coaching

quick little burner after classes

5 Rounds
10 pullups
10 ball slams 15lbs

3:31, this was awful, burned it down on the first round which made the next 4 rounds awful, pullups fell pathetically apart in round 3 😦 no bueno, arms were smoked from all of the previous fitness

Cool Down

3 minutes light air dyne

Overall felt good to have a good training session today, had a rough weekend after the passing of one of the guys that i grew up with. it was Britt’s cousin, and the family has been through so much loss lately it was devastating and another friend that was only 25, just heartbreaking, so it was good to just be able to come in and work out some of that hurt.

Training June 13th

Joint Prep

Beat Swings, banded dislocates, around the worlds


Power Clean from Blocks (Above the Knee) + 1 x Split Jerk


*5 Working sets work up to you heavy sets and then start the 5 efforts. I’m looking for more reps then MAXIMAL efforts. If you fail I’d prefer it only on the last effort.

*Perform these sets every 60 seconds 
Did this at 165lbs, felt really good today, felt like this was a good weight to work back in to my Oly lifting, might have been able to go a little heavier but it might have gotten sloppy and i needed to hit some solid lifts at this weight

I/C Super Set

3 Rounds

6 x Yates Rows
3 x Muscleups

Did the yates rows at 125, muscles ups first round went 1-2 rings were weird so once i adjusted them they were a lot better… 2nd and 3rd rounds I did all 3 UNBROKEN!!!!! sorry i was excited, this was a pr on unbroken muscle ups so being able to do 2 sets back to back was awesome, felt like i was in a good rhythm on them, the guys said my first transition was always really high so now i just need to figure out how to get them all like that 😉 glad to be able to work on these now just gotta keep up on them

Front Squat

5×5 @ 80% of 1Rm

Did this at 170, felt pretty good on these, especially in comparison to monday’s front squats


4×30 second Hollow Rock
3 x 30 Banded Pull Aparts
1×100 banded push downs



10 Minute OTM

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes or Until Failure, perform 1 x Close Grip Bench Press

Used 135, made it all 10 minutes, probably could’ve gone a little heavier, but didn’t have a spotter until i ran to get riley to spot me for the last 3 just in case, but was a little nervous to really push it, felt good though!


Double Dumbbell Complex

3 Rounds

10 x Bent Over Row
10 x Power Clean

*Rest 45 Seconds Between Efforts

Used 45s for this, worst part was the grip 


3 Rounds

20 box jumps
30 Double Unders
20 American Swings 35#

this my time was 6:20ish or so

Cool Down

5 minutes of light airdyne



Training June 11th

Joint Prep

GS Shoulder Mobility

3×2 Armbars


Longcycle 2min at 20kg at a pace of 15-16rpm (no hand switch)

Longcycle 2min at 20kg at a pace of 15-16rpm (no hand switch)

Longcycle 4min at 16kg at a pace of 18rpm ( 1 hand switch)

Rack hold 2x2min 24kg

*Felt super slow today, Monday’s increased volume definitely caught  up with me. Wasn’t able to hit my numbers which frustrated me, but it happens, I’ll get better

Box Squats

75% 4×7 (205)

*After each set of Squats perform 10 x Front Rack Walking lunge 5R/5L followed by 30 feet of HS Walking

Did the lunges at 95 and that was plenty, skipped the hs walks because my shoulders were fried ribs were buggin me by now 😦

Deadlifts – 

Did 1 Set of 5 at 225 and then 3, ribs were killin me and it was really gettin in my head, i know i just need to get over it and realize that it’s something I’m going to have to always deal with, was just one of those days it wasn’t happening

 These sets and Reps will be dictated by Feel the day of, but getting pulling in will be important

3 x Monster Set

12 x Weighted Stepup @ 20′ Box 35# KBs
30 x Banded Good Mornings
10 x Toes 2 Bar

*All 3 Monsters Sets are to be done straight through continuously while not for time move with a purpose, this may seem like conditioning but its not

Cool Down


*Was supposed to do athletic development but ran out of time


Training Tuesday June 10th

Joint Prep

Mobility Work

Conditioning Piece #1

20 Minute Row

Used it as a technique row, tried to focus on proper pull mechanics and not necessarily focus on split 
ended up with 4336 meters


Joint Prep

4 Rounds

30 Seconds Single Skips
10 Lateral Box Step Ups
10 KB Good Mornings


4 Rounds

4 Minute Amrap

45 Double Unders
30 Second Battle Rope
1 MInute Airdyne

*Rest 2 minutes between rounds

My double unders were awful today it was really weird, gonna take some time getting used to the battle ropes 😉